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Swiss Miss Cannabis Seeds

Swiss Miss marijuana seeds are easier to grow than other weed strains. These cannabis plants are less demanding as compared to other marijuana varieties. If you are just new to weed growing and you are looking for a type of strain that requires lesser demands, the Swiss Miss cannabis variety is one of the best to consider. Swiss Miss is quite similar to Mexican but less compact compared to it. If you are living in a country where growing seasons are short, then growing Swiss Miss marijuana variety may be best for you.

It is an outdoor type strain that can produce an approximate amount of more than 400 grams yield. It is best for outdoor growing because Swiss Miss marijuana plants have the following characteristics:

- It can withstand heavy night time condensation and extreme temperatures outside. - It has the natural ability to resist molds that can eat up your whole cannabis garden.

The Swiss Miss marijuana variety is mostly favored by pot gardeners who are living in a place where growing seasons are shorter. When planted outside, these plants can grow as tall as 200 cm. This is not the right type of strain for you to grow if you prefer an indoor pot garden.

Quantity : 10 pcs. seeds Yield :400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : Average height Flowering : Short (45 - 55 days)
Climate : Cold THC Level :High
Type : Regular Cultivate :In and outdoor
Medical :No Strain : Hybrid

Swiss Miss Weed Seeds
Swiss Miss Marijuana Seeds

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Swiss Miss Growing And How To Buy Cheap

You can buy multiple marijuana strains from our website including Swiss Miss pot seeds. You can even choose the currency you want to use as you order Swiss Miss marijuana seeds. The payments our company is accepting are credit cards, bank wires and through cash. Choose the type of payment method you will use to pay for your Swiss Miss cannabis seeds order.

For every complete Swiss Miss order, we will give you free seeds which will be delivered along with your package. For any inquiries before making an order of Swiss Miss and other weed seeds, read our FAQs section or send us a mail.