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After an extensive selection and numerous breeding process of many different varieties, the Skunk Special was developed. The refinement is for the skunk enthusiasts. It is a skunk sativa with a Columbian background and it is biologically grown. If you happen to brush against this plant, the room will be filled with this aromatic skunk odor. Extra caution is needed in handling and transporting this product because of it foul or pungent odor.

With an impressive yield of 500 grams, the grass is also strong. It has sativa high, uplifting but not crashing. It is fairly mild, smooth and strong smoke. Good fresh orange aroma and taste makes it so good for pot lovers.

The plant is medium height, 50 to 80 cm. the plant is best for indoor cultivation.
The flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks with harvest month, September.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8-9 weeks
Type : Indica - Sativa Mix Harvest : Mid September

Climate : Indoor

Stoned/High : Stoney yet High
Yield : 500 grams/plant THC level : 12.5% - 15%
Height : 50 - 80 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy - Moderate

Skunk Special Cannabis Seeds
Skunk Special  Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Skunk Special Marijuana Seeds Indoors

Skunk Special and other pot seeds are available on our online seed store. If you are looking for a safe and convenient way to order Skunk Special marijuana seeds, buy from Mary Jane’s Garden. We deliver in private so there would be less worrying on your part. The price of Skunk Special cannabis seeds we are displaying in our website can be changed according to the currency you are using. Buy Skunk Special from us and start your indoor growing now. Skunk Special variety can be grown outdoors or indoors, either by the use of soil or you may want to set up a hydroponics system. Our cheap Skunk Special pot seeds are of high quality and have a high seed germination rate. By the middle of September, you can already harvest your buds and enjoy smoking it. Grams yield can reach up to 500 with a Skunk Special THC level of 12.5% - 15%. Skunk Special coupons are not needed because our prices are reasonable.