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Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

Indoor Growing Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds
Type : Regular Flowering : 8 weeks
Climate : Indoor Yield : 450 gms/plant
Height : 25-40 cm THC Level : Strong 15%-20%
Stoned : Cereb. buzz Grow : Moderate
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20 Seeds $110.00

40 Seeds $200.00


This is a 100% Indica seed strain. Hindu Kush has a good very narcotic pain killing quality.  With its remarkable taste and aroma, Hindu Kush is a forite pick. The weed is stable yet resilient. It is characterized with the ability to produce heavy resins, early maturity and remarkable harvests.

It originated from the Chitral, the highest point of the Hindu Kush mountain regions where it got its name. The Hindu Kush is known to be the “roof of the world”.

This type of seed is good for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It grows to 100 to 120 cm. the flowering period is 50 to 60 days producing a yield of 400 to 500 gm/sq.m. it is usually harvested towards the end of September for indoors and of October for outdoor.

You get really stoned when you smoke the Hindu Kush pot.

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How To Grow Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds Indoors

You can get pure genetic Hindu Kush marijuana seed through our online seed bank. If you want to get your hands on a quality weed seed then visit our store for best strains. Hindu Kush has a high strength for a non-hybrid marijuana variety plus it has the vat altitude of Indicas breeds. Even after 10-12 weeks of cultivating period this kind of weed seed will still create a constant pure variety of seedling. It is good for indoor growing and the marijuana plant is usually in the shade of dark green. We have done our utmost to give out the top most Hindu Kush marijuana seeds in a cheap cost for you. You do not need a medical card to order this weed strain and budding guides can be found for reviews of this plant.