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Indoor Growing Haze Marijuana Seeds
Type : Mostly Sativa
Flowering : 10-14 weeks
Climate : Indoor
Yield : 425 grams/plant
Height : 70 - 80 cm
THC Level : 15% - 20%
Cultivate : In and outdoor
Stoned : Sativa High - Cereberal Buzz
Strain : Experienced

10 Seeds $60.00
20 Seeds $110.00

40 Seeds $200.00


Haze is popular Sativa, so popular in the 70’s. it had nearly become extinct in the recent years because some growers began to switch to easier varieties. But it was managed to be saved. Some viable seed strains were used and produced remarkable varieties, Haze being one of them.

Known for its extreme almost psychedelic spiciness, most expert users find the Haze so irresistible.

The Haze is an origin Jamaican Sativa crossed with the popular Skunk variety. It had won the approval of more smokers and growers over the last years.

It gives an uplifting cerebral high, a kind that Sativa weeds give.

Although it takes a longer flowering period of 10 to 14 weeks, the yield is satisfying at 450 gm. per square meter. The THC level ranges from 15 to 20% and grows to a height of 70 to 80cm.

We can accommodate bulk ordering and mail order request.

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How To Grow Haze Marijuana Seeds Indoors

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This original Jamaican Sativa and Skunk crossbreed called Haze marijuana seed is a prominent in coffee shops in Netherlands. In fact, it is comprised on top of the coffee shop’s list. THC level is 15% to 20% and is best grown indoors.

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