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Ganja Dwarf lowrider lowryder feminized Marijuana Seeds

Ganja Dwarf Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Type : Auto Flowering Flowering : 6-7 weeks
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned : Natural High
Yield : 25gms/ plant THC level : 10%
Height :30 - 50 cm Grow : Easy Strain

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20 Seeds $180.00

40 Seeds $340.00


Ganja Dwarf lowrider, otherwise known as Ganja Dwarf lowryder in some areas, is the only marijuana strain which can grow and flower even if there is no timer for the change in light. It is a weed strain from both a very potent Indica strain and the Mexican Ruderalis strain, thus it is an auto flowering strain which is best for first time growers. It is also the best strain for people who prefer growing their marijuana Ganja Dwarf lowrider strain since it can be left outside without worrying about people spying since it grows at about 12 inches only.

The flowering cycle of this weed strain will start 6 to 7 weeks after the germination process. Even if the Ganja Dwarf lowrider is a feminized seed, it can still grow male pot flowers. This is a sure way for beginners to learn more about growing different strains if they would start with the Ganja Dwarf lowrider.

growing marijuana Ganja Dwarf lowrider lowryder feminized

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