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Indoor Growing Easy Rider Marijuana Seeds

Easy Rider marijuana seed is a relatively easy to grow seed for outside cultivation but most of the time categorized as a seed for indoor growing.


Aside from being easy to grow and being predictable, it produces spectacular thick buds on the center colas. It grows a plant that produces a potent weed with a 15 % THC level.
It remains to be a small plant through the entire growing cycle, with the height of 35 to 60 cm. the size is ideal for growers with a small growing area.

It yields about a pound of potent buds per square meter of planting space.
Flowering period is about 8 weeks and harvested towards the end of September.

Easy Rider will be an ideal and best choice if you want to harvest large amount with a given limited growing space.
Wholesale and pre packed quality seeds available.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 weeks
Type :Indica - sativa mix Harvest :end of September
Climate : indoor/outdoor High : Uplifting Sativa High.
Yield :450 grams/plant THC level : medium 15%
Height :35 - 60 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

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Easy Rider Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Easy Rider Marijuana Seeds Outdoors

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