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Dutch Dope is a cross between the California Sativa and the Super Skunk. This plant possesses a typical Indica appearance. With the mixture of the Indica and Sativa ancestry, the plant grows to be short and bushy with large and wide leaves, attributed to its indica genes. It has buds so dense and potent the kind Sativa genetics produce.


The smoke gives a high, a flying high that the weed could make you all smiles. You will experience a tumbling, bumbling high, one puff will you hard and the next one will just send you flying.

It is good to grow indoors, outdoors and even on greenhouses. The yield is an impressive 450 to 500 grams of dried weeds per plant. The flowering phase occurs in 8 weeks and harvested in September. THC level of Dutch Dope is 15%.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 weeks
Type : Indica - sativa mix Harvest :end of September
Climate :indoor/outdoor High :flying high dutchman
Yield :475 grams/plant THC level : 15%
Height :: 70 - 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

Dutch Dope Weed Seeds
Dutch Dope Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Dutch Dope Marijuana Seeds Indoors

If you are looking for a strain which you can plant indoors as well as outdoors due to its small height, you can try to order our cheap Dutch Dope Cannabis Seeds from our seed bank and delivered to you at the same day. The growing difficulty of this pot strain is relatively easy and it can provide 15% of THC levels for that necessary high. It only takes 8 weeks for your seeds to flower into a bud and you can be sure that your cheap marijuana seed purchase is worth it.
Through our online seed bank, you can buy Dutch Dope cheap and be sure that it will be shipped overnight and delivered safe to your home. You do not need a medical card for your Dutch Dope order and you can see through the pics that the price you paid through credit card, bank wire or cash will all be worth it.