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Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Growing Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds
Flowering : 8 weeks
Type : mostly sativa
Climate : outdoor
Stoned : sativa buzz
Yield : 350 grams/plant
THC level : 14% strong
Height : 70 cm
Grow : good for starting

10 Seeds $90.00
20 Seeds $160.00

40 Seeds $300.00


Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is the unique African strain coming from the rift valley. Although the Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is good for outdoor and indoor growing environment it is still perfect in planting outside where hotter temperature is available. This Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is a total Sativa that has a sweet aroma and fast acting high affectivity.

If you are really keen on outdoors marijuana strain then the Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is the most dependable variety. This weed will produce substantial firm buds even if the season is bad. What we offer is the best Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed, its easy to grow and its one of the high quality varieties in the world.

Purchase Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed form our seed bank and we will attest that you, a dear customer will return again and again to buy our weed product. Get it now so we can deliver it immediately to you.

growing marijuana Durban Poison Feminized

How To Grow Durban Poison & Order With Delivery

Obtain your Durban Poison Feminized weed seeds from our seed bank. This marijuana plant is even imported all the way from South Africa and is now presently being cultured in Holland. Take note that this pot seed is entirely entrenched, which means it was never crossed with other variety before. Durban Poison Feminized pot seed is purely 100% Sativa, it flowers every 8-9 weeks. This weed plant has extended and big bud leaves and it creates massive sum of sultry resins that will surely captivate you.

Marijuana strains such as the Durban Poison Feminized weed seed is good whether you grow it inside the house or outside. Gain your perfect marijuana seed strain by buying this pot weed from our store online. Be confident that the THC level it contains will surely bring you to a next level high. Add up the sweet licorice taste you will be spell bounded with its trick.