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Indoor Growing Crystal Rain Marijuana Seeds

An impressive strain comes from the crossbreeding of a popular White Widow and the remarkable Northern Lights, called the Crystal Rain. It is so impressive with its ability to produce fast growing plants with enormous sticky buds. The buds are so sticky with the high THC crystalline production. THC level is a soaring 15 to 20 %. It is then advised that you smoke this pot with caution.


The high it gives is a balance between the strong high due to its Sativa nature and the relaxing effect brought about by its Indica genes.


The plant is 70 cm. high and a flower takes a full maturity in 8 to 9 weeks time. It is a short and bushy plant with great large buds, sticky and full of crystallized resins. Yield is great as well at 450 grams+. Enjoy the pot!

You can order crystal for its crystals covered on all the leaves and bud.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8-9
Type : Indica-sativa mix Harvest :end of September
Climate : indoor High : Strong Head High
Yield :400 grams/plant THC level :strong 15% - 20%
Height :70 cm Grow : Easy - Moderate

Crystal Rain Cannabis Seeds
Crystal Rain Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Crystal Rain Marijuana Seeds Indoors

Certainly you can buy cheap Crystal rain pot seeds at the best cost possible from our store. When you order a generic mixture of White Widow and Northern Lights it is for sure to be the finest. By growing Crystal Rain weed seed with proper planting strategies you will absolutely have a 450 grams of dry buds. Flowering periods ends every 8 to 9 weeks and THC content level may be 15-20%. This marijuana plant contains the sweet fragrance of a weed in which people love to smoke.
If you want to view pictures of how this plant will look like you may visit our site gallery to get a better look. Shipping can be done on the same day of your purchase so you can start preparing your place for growing this marijuana plant.