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Indoor Growing Charas Marijuana Seeds

Here is another amazing weed which gives an amazing stone and yield.
Characterized with the mix of the most loved Master Kush and Super Skunk, it produces a more controlled weed with larger buds. the aroma and taste ae enhanced but the high stays the same, still very high.


This hardy variety of marijuana strain is popular among the other strains of its class. The smell although improved is overwhelm with pungent smell. It tends to stink the grow room especially the indoor spaces.Use of filter is highly advised. The strain will finish flowering in 8 to 10 weeks with an impressive harvest of 700 grams for each female plant. This strain is easy to grow but we do not have it in feminized variety.


THC level is 20% and the high is so uplifting and gives a mild body buzz. The pot leaves a mild spicy after taste. But the plant is so refreshing to look at with a beautiful center cola.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Type : Mostly Indica Harvest : Beginning October
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned/High : India Indica
Yield : 350 indoor THC level : medium 17 - 19%
Height : 70 cm Growing : Easy-moderate

Charas Cannabis Seeds
Charas Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Charas Marijuana Seeds Indoors

Looking for a cheap Charas pot seed? Then you just landed on the right store. What we present you is a reasonable cost of marijuana seed for sale. Just think of how extreme the high you will feel after patiently waiting for the flowering period of 9 weeks. With 450 grams of dried buds per plant it is for certain that intense happiness is within reach. Charas pot seeds also termed as Finger Hash originated in Parvati valley where Hindu people believes that this marijuana plant plays an essential role to their culture.
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