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Growing California Dream Marijuana Seeds

California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed is a weed that is usually planted inside the house. However if you live in a place that is in a tropical climate then you can grow it outside. The California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed is the kind of weed that is a crossbreed of Indica-Sativa.


By using the correct planting procedure, this seed can have a full harvest. California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed generates big flower buds that are totally covered with resins. Given with 8 weeks period of time the California Dream Feminized Cannabis seeds will bloom. In addition to that it is commonly harvested during October.


This variety of weed provides a sweet tangy taste with a pinch of mint. By the time the effect hits you, the high reaction would be like a fantasy. The California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed can make male flowers as long as it is from a complete female plant. Order your California Dream Feminized seed from our store and it is guaranteed to be delivered discreetly. 
These seeds are for sale as female only so they will grow female plants only. These plants will contain bud and THC which is used for smoking, cooking and medical use.


Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 week
Type : indica / sativa Harvest : early october
Climate:indoor / outdoor Stoned/High : california breeze
Grams:500 in or 700 out THC level : 23.9%
Height : 50 - 75 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

California Dream Feminized Pics/Pictures
California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow California Dream & Order With Delivery

California Dream Feminized marijuana seeds are known to produce a cannabis plant that yields a type of weed that is guaranteed to give the smoker a creative high. Once weed from this cannabis strain is smoked, the smoker is immediately sent off to a world of fantasy where any thing that he can imagine comes true. California Dream Feminized weed seeds can grow to up to 50 – 75 centimeters in height and can produce 500 grams of weed when planted indoors.

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