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Outdoor Growing Bob Marley Sativa Marijuana

Bob Marley is in classical hybrid that was named after the famous cannabis icon, Bob Marley. Being the Jamaican growers’ favorite, it gained success because of its real goodness high.

The seed of Bob Marley typically grows tall for up to 90 cm with leggy branches. Normally, growers will wait around 9 to 11 weeks before they will grow the plant outdoor where it can get direct sunlight to improve its height.


Make sure that it will get the right amount of heat that it needs so that the plant can weigh up to 350 grams per square meter and ready for harvest by the end of September. It is also expected to have a very high level of THC between 15 to 20 %. 

The Bob Marley is also famous not just for giving out a relaxing sensation which makes it perfect for making hash, cooking and for medical marijuana use.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :9-11 week
Type :Sativa Harvest :End of September
Climate : outdoor Stoned/High :Sativa high
Yield :400 grams/plantr THC level :15% - 20%
Height :70 - 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

Bob Marley Sativa Cannabis Seeds
Bob Marley Sativa Marijuana Seeds

growing marijuana Bob Marley Sativa

How To Grow Bob Marley Sativa Marijuana Outdoors

Bob Marley Sativa marijuana seeds produce the most preferred ganja by Jamaicans. This marijuana strain gives a cerebral yet very relaxing high that is owed to its THC levels of 15% to 20%. Bob Marley Sativa marijuana seeds start to flower within 9 to 11 weeks time and can be harvested by the end of September. It is best grown outdoors where conditions are warm and there is enough space for the ganja plant to grow.

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