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Indoor Growing Big Bud Marijuana Seeds
Considered to be one of the oldest commercial strains and won the Cannabis Cup in 1989 is the cannabis strain called the Big Bud. The winning score pointed to its high yielding capability without compromising the quality. Crossed with some families of Skunk, Big Bud is characterized with a smooth and strong long lasting high. The best strain for beginners or who have a limited budget this strain will do well in soil or outdoors.

The seed produces plants with heavy flowers that usually break the branches so that branches need to be tied up. It has dense and compact buds with a very few leaves and grows to a height ranging from 40 cm. to 45 cm.

The THC level of the Big Bud is 8% to 15%. It is more suitable for indoor but can also be planted outdoors. The flowering period is 50 to 55 days and best time to harvest is October for outdoor with the yield of 600 for each large plant. Orders accepted online for convenience!

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 9 weeks
Type : Indica-Sativa mix Harvest : End of October
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned or High : Stoned High
Yield : 600 grams/plant THC level : medium 8% - 15%
Height : 40 - 45 cm Grow Difficulty :Easy

Big Bud Cannabis Seeds
Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

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How To Grow Big Bud Marijuana Seeds Indoors

One of the most sought after marijuana seeds strain is the Big Bud ganja seeds the Big Bud ganja plant can yield more weed than any other pot strain. It only grows to about 42 – 45 centimeters height but produces large quantities of highly crystallized flower buds that give off a stony high that can last for hours at a time. Branches can easily snap at the weight of these flower buds which is the branch needs to be secured with a rope to prevent it from breaking off the plant.

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