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White Queen Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Her Royal Highness The White Queen...
The Empress among the white marijuana genetics.
Her rich royal fragrance of most delicate perfume with her harmonious and delightful bouquet.
We are caught by the intense powerful almost hypnotic fragrance from this o so special sophisticated narcotic pheromone essence coming all the way from those wonderful buds covered with stardust enormous fascinating THC-resin crystals like spectacular shiny crazy diamonds.
An absolute must for the connoisseur.

Note: All cannabis varieties have the capability of making male flowers on 100% female plants. This phenomenon also applies to White Queen feminized females especially under strong stress factors caused by different growing techniques. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds cannot and will not take responsibility of such cultivation implicated male occurrences.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8-9 weeks
Type : Indica - Sativa Harvest : September

Climate : Indoor / Outdoor

Stoned/High : Narcotic hypnotic therapeutic crazy high
Yield : 500 grams/plant, In THC level : 20% - 25%
Height : 35 - 65 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

White Queen Feminized Weed Seeds
White Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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How To Buy Seeds For Growing White Queen Feminized

If you are looking for a marijuana strain with a rich fragrance, then growing White Queen Feminized marijuana seeds isn’t such a bad idea. You can buy White Queen Feminized weed seeds at Mary Jane’s Garden at the cheapest price possible. Here, we accept many payment methods including PayPal and the items can be ship worldwide. If you are concern about the White Queen Feminized cost, then you can visit our site to views the exact amount of the product. Aside, from the price, the website also has pictures, tips, reviews and guides on how to grow White Queen Feminized marijuana seeds.
Keep in mind that all information gathered when you purchase White Queen Feminized pot seeds are treated delicately and will only be used for transaction purposes. When you order White Queen Feminized marijuana seeds, expect your harvest to yield about 500 grams per plant. In addition to that, this marijuana strain has a THC amount of 20 – 25%.