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Supernova a.k.a. Chronic Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Grow Supernova a.k.a. Chronic Pot Seeds

Here comes the new and shining, the shiniest of them all, the Super Nova cannabis seed also known as the chronic cannabis.

It it super because it outshines any other seed varieties in the garden and it is new. It is chronic because it has the ability to ease and relieve pains. It is the number 1 choice among the cannabis plants for medicinal purposes. Several testimonials were received about its healing effects.

The Super Nova shines bright because of the production of the THC crystals that cover the buds. These buds do not only shine bright but is also of high THC level of 25% making it the best medicinal weed in the cannabis world.

The plant of 40 to 80 cm height has e yield of 400 grams. They undergo full flowering cycle in about 8 weeks and by then ready for harvest in September.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 weeks
Type : Indica Harvest : September

Climate : Indoor / Outdoor

Stoned/High : Best for Medicinal use
Yield : 400 grams/plant THC level : 25%
Height : 40 - 80 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

Supernova a.k.a. Chronic Marijuana Seeds
Supernova a.k.a. Chronic Marijuana Seeds

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Buying Supernova a.k.a. Chronic Marijuana Seeds Online

Buying Supernova Aka Chronic pot seeds online involves some risks. Purchase your Supernova Aka Chronic marijuana seeds from a reliable seed bank. Consider buying Supernova and other cannabis seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden. Our seed store will promise you not only a same day shipping but also a safe and private Supernova Aka Chronic delivery. Online orders are accepted and our customer representatives will be happy to assist you if you have any concern about Supernova Aka Chronic prices and discounts. Payments can be made with credit cards, cash or bank transfers. Our seed bank is an excellent source for your Supernova Aka Chronic marijuana seeds. The cost of Supernova Aka Chronic displayed in our website is the price we have for 10 seeds. Supernova Aka Chronic is good as medicinal use with its THC content of 25%. It can be grown outdoors or indoors. You can let it grow in soil or hydroponics. By September, you can get a decent yield of 400 grams of indica weeds.