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Grow Le Fruit Defendu Pot Seeds

forbidden fruit. It is a strong high potent weed with refined fruity taste.
The taste is blueberry like; some says it is refreshing others say it is smooth. But no matter how it is called the taste of the Le Fruit Defendu is extremely unique and refreshing. Aside from its great taste, the Le Fruit Defendu is such a joy and pride  to watch grow and show off.

It is a fast and hardy strain, finishing a flowering phase of 7 to 8 weeks, definitely the type for people who cannot wait that long.

Its pot when smoked gives an uplifting typical Sativa high, so energetic and good feel.
It has a THC level of 15 to 20% and a yield so great at 450+grams.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 7-8 weeks
Type : Mostly Indica Harvest : Begin September

Climate : Indoor/Outdoor

Stoned/High : Natural High / day time smoke
Yield : 450 grams/plant Indoor THC level : 16% - 20%
Height : 35 - 60 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy / Moderate

Le Fruit Defendu Marijuana Seeds
Le Fruit Defendu Marijuana Seeds

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Buying Le Fruit Defendu Marijuana Seeds Online

Le Fruit Defendu marijuana seeds grow to become a ganja plant that produces a great tasting type of weed that has a blueberry - like fruity taste. This strain of marijuana is a cross between the Light of Jah marijuana strain and the seeds of a blueberry fruit. The potency of weed produced by Le Fruit Defendu cannabis seeds has not been compromised during the process of crossbreeding and still stands at 15% to 20%. Discount marijuana seeds are sold on our website and can be bought by marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. We accept cash payments which you can send via registered mail. As soon as we receive you cash payment, we will immediately ship out your cannabis seeds order. We do not sell weed because it is illegal to send it in the mail. We have had a 99% success rate in international deliveries for the past 8 years.