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Jock Horror Cannabis Seeds

Jock Horror is a medicinal marijuana plant coming from hybrid strains which are actually three in number, namely, Haze, Northern Lights, as well as Skunk. This plant is actually considered to have come from the traditional pine tree which has medium-sized leaves and dense buds. But before regarding it as a three-hybrid plant, this plant actually started to be a child of a mother and father plant, namely, the Haze 19 x Skunk, which is found in the country of Holland and city of California in United states, and Afghan x Skunk # 1 plant, which is considered to be old school and considered to be an indica plant whose line is found in the Pacific Northwest of America consecutively.

This plant is actually regarded to have played the same composition with other Jock plants. But when Nirvana does its processing with the plant, this notion has changed.

Nirvana made it possible to process the plants using its genetic and breeding procedures in order to create a three-way hybrid plant. This has become the leeway for the introduction of unique three-hybrid plant in 1980s. It became famous and had been preferred by many because it is not difficult to cultivate and harvest.

Quantity :10 pcs. seeds Yield :400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : High plant Flowering : Long period (65 - 75 days)
Climate : Mediterranian THC Level :High
Type : Regular Cultivate :Outdoor
Medical :Yes Strain : Hybrid

Jock Horror Weed Seeds
Jock Horror Marijuana Seeds

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