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Grow Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Type : Mostly Sativa
Flowering : 10-14 weeks
Climate : Indoor
Yield : 425 grams/plant
Height : 70 - 80 cm
THC Level : 15% - 20%
Cultivate : In and outdoor
Stoned : Sativa High - Cereberal Buzz
Strain : Experienced

10 Seeds $90.00
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40 Seeds $300.00


When thinking about Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds, pro growers would remember it as the marijuana strain which won the Cannabis Cup twice in a row. It is a cross breed between the G13 and a potent Hawaiian Sativa thus, it is also referred to as the feminized G13 hybrid. Contrary to legend, all feminized varieties of marijuana strains can have male flowers as well and this holds true for the G13 Haze feminized marijuana strain.

Though the Haze feminized is part Sativa, growers can attempt to grow the Haze feminised since it is about 70 to 80 cm in height and it can be hidden by taller plants. Professional growers also grow this type of weed strain since the THC content can reach about 20%. The Haze feminized also has a yield of 500 grams of weed per plant. The flowering cycle starts in 10 to 14 weeks and the ideal setting is indoors.

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Haze Feminized For Sale - Strong THC, Pics & Yield

The Haze Feminized weed seed is an original sativa breed from the place of Jamaica with hints of Skunk breeding. If you properly take care of this marijuana plant then you can collect your gold traced buds after 9-10 weeks of cultivation. Do not be misguided by the tiny looks of the narrow leaves of Haze Feminized marijuana plant; its THC level content is high and very potent. Grab your marijuana seeds for sale from our seed back and achieve that high impact weed experience you love.

If you want to make sure on the quality of our weed seeds then you can view several reviews from growers around the world. The Haze Feminized is well known for its tall height and aromatic fragrance it produces. Visit our site where the picture of the weed strain can be seen to distinguish what it looks like after flowering period.