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Ganja Dwarf lowrider lowryder feminized Marijuana Seeds

Lowrider Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Type : Auto Flowering Flowering : 6-7 weeks
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned : Natural High
Yield : 25gms/ plant THC level : 10%
Height :30 - 50 cm Grow : Very simple

10 Seeds $95.00
20 Seeds $180.00

40 Seeds $340.00


Ganja Dwarf lowrider (or lowryder) feminized seeds is one of the best marijuana feminized seeds since Ganja Dwarf lowrider can grow its flowers even if the lighting is not changed. In fact, the Ganja Dwarf lowrider is the only marijuana strain wherein there won’t be a need for timers and nights so as to grow its buds and ultimately, its flowers. It is also among those strains that auto flowers and do not need too much attention in terms of its preference in lighting.

When the Ganja Dwarf seeds grow, it will stop at about a foot tall. So even if Ganja Dwarf lowrider is set outdoors, no one can see it since other plants taller than it can protect it from onlookers. The flowering cycle of the Ganja Dwarf will start in about 6 or 7 weeks after its germination. Since this marijuana strain is coupled with the Mexican Ruderalis strain as well as a potent Indica pot variety, it added up to the ability of the strain to flower automatically without any excessive care.

growing marijuana Ganja Dwarf lowrider lowryder feminized

Lowrider Seeds For Sale - Strong THC, Pics & Yield

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Aside from the Indica buzz that they have, the Ganja Dwarf Lowrider (Lowryder) Feminized is perfect for both outdoor and indoor setting. As soon as you order marijuana seeds from us, you do not need to worry about any legality since we are from Amsterdam and pot seeds are our specialty. Buy cheap marijuana seeds from us today and receive your shipment in about a week or so!