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Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Grow Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis
Flowering : 8 weeks
Type : mostly sativa
Climate : outdoor
Stoned : sativa buzz
Yield : 350 grams/plant
THC level : 14% strong
Height : 70 cm
Grow : easy for beginners

10 Seeds $90.00
20 Seeds $160.00

40 Seeds $300.00


Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds is imported all the way from South Africa and is now currently being produced in Holland. Take note that this weed is wholly deep-rooted which means it was never crossbred before. Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is purely 100% Sativa, its marijuana strain is almost the same as Thai. If you use this pot you will surely taste the sweet licorice it holds.

To cover its full description, the Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seeds have long and large bud leaves and it creates vast amount of sticky resins that will surely interest you. Marijuana strains such as the Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is good whether you grow it inside the house or outside. Even if this pot is a tall plant and is wholly Sativa you can still use artificial lights if you want. Give proper treatment for Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed and not long after 8- 9 weeks you’ll gain that perfect marijuana strain you want.

Order Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed from us and we can assure your purchase is secured and safely delivered.

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Durban Poison For Sale - Strong THC, Pics & Yield

Durban Poison Feminized cannabis seed is the exclusive African strain coming from the rift valley. Though the Durban Poison Feminized weed seed is good for outdoor and indoor growing environment it is still best to plant where warmer environment is accessible. This marijuana plant for sale is an over-all Sativa that has a sweetened fragrance and wild acting high efficiency. If you are really interested on outdoors marijuana strain then the Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis seed is the steadiest variety.

This pot seeds will produce large solid buds even if the season is not good. What we offer is the best Durban Poison Feminized marijuana seed, its easy to grow and its one of the high rate selections in the world. In addition to that you can be confident that our services are known for its private delivery and safety shipping.