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Citral Seeds

Grow Citral Pot Seeds
Type : Mostly Indica
Flowering : 8 weeks
Climate : indoor
High : Body Buzz Indica
Yield : 425 grams/plant
THC level : strong 15% - 20%
Height : 30 - 50 cm
Grow : Easy

10 Seeds $60.00
20 Seeds $110.00

40 Seeds $200.00


A cross breed of the Super Skunk and a Pakistani variety of strain comes the Citral cannabis strain. This strain has strong and hard buds. It gives a refreshing and mellow herbal smell and taste.

The smell can also be described to be exceptionally citrus lemony. It also gives an interesting cerebral buzz despite its Indica origin. Genetically, this strain is from the Hindu Kush mountain region near the village of Chitral district. The effect after smoking is stoney.

The plant is characterized with the height of 120 cm. and the THC level of 15%  to 20%. It flowers in 8 to 9 weeks and harvests in mid September, indoors and mid October, outdoors. The yield is relatively high at 450 gm. The grow difficulty is easy to moderate and suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.

This strain can be used for cooking and baking. Also very easy to make hash products including oil and resin with this plant. Grows good under lights and the pest resistance is high.

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Buying Citral Marijuana Seeds Online

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