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Grow Californian Skunk Pot Seeds

Combining some skunky hashsy flavored Indica strains with the finer blend of orangey flavored California strains will give you a versatile weed that will surely perform well in almost all types of situations. With the genetics from California Orange, Haze and Skunk, California Skunk is characterized with a sweet citrus taste with strong cerebral sensation.


It keeps you up yet relaxed The Haze gives its improved effect and the Skunk helps to make it bulkier, giving a yield of 500+ grams per plant.


This is typically an Indica-Sativa mix good for indoor germination. Its height is 40 to 55 cm and with a medium THC level of 8 to 15%. The plant is kind of small but produces heavily clustered buds which flowers in 9 to 10 weeks and harvests by end of October. Heavily branched weeds assures a bigger yield.


A great strain for cloning, making hash and cooking or baking with.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :9-10 weeks
Type :Indica - sativa mix Harvest :end of october
Climate : indoor High : Sativa high- buzz
Yield :500 grams/plant THC level :medium 8% - 15%
Height :40 - 55 cm Grow Difficulty :Moderate

Californian Skunk Marijuana Seeds
Californian Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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Buying Californian Skunk Marijuana Seeds Online

Our online store presents you our best Californian skunk seed product for sale. With the top hybrid weed we offer you, it is for sure that you’ll get a mind-blowing experience due to the THC content of 10-15%. This cannabis seed is a sweet orange flavored Californian strain blended with a pinch of skunk mince. You can be sure that our offers of cheap pot seeds for sale are of high quality.

Even if you are just a beginner you can refer to guides for growing found online to plant this weed seed successfully. Although Californian skunk is best grown inside the house you can still plant it outdoors. We have provided cheap weed seeds to you so that you wont need any kinds of coupons just to buy marijuana strains. Our store is a place where you can order your Californian skunk pot that assures the safety and security of your purchase.