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The California Dream Feminized Cannabis seeds can be purchased via online. This weed is a blended Indica-Sativa hybrid that can be planted indoors. With proper caring this seed can fully produce huge harvest. California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed can also be grown outdoors with the requirements of being in a tropical climate country.


This kind of marijuana composes flower sprouts that are fully enclosed with resins. By means of using the correct planting methods, the California Dream Feminized Cannabis seeds will give out a satisfying outcome. The weed can taste like mint but with a touch of sweet citrus tang that will give you an uplifting feeling.  


California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed can give you a sensual reaction of creative high, by the time it strikes you’ll be blown away as if you are in a trance. Since this California Dream Feminized Cannabis seed is a 100% female feminized seed then it is guaranteed that it will not produce male plants. The cost you see for this strain of female seeds is listed on the right.


Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 week
Type : indica / sativa Harvest : early october
Climate : indoor-outdoor Stoned/High : california breeze
Yield:500 inside/700 out THC level : 23.9%
Height : 50 - 75 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

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California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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California Dream For Sale - Strong THC, Pics & Yield

California Dream Feminized marijuana seeds are best grown outdoors in tropical countries. However, if you live in a country that has a colder climate, this marijuana strain can easily be grown indoors as well. Being a crossbreed of the Indica and Sativa stains, California Dream Feminized ganja seeds produce very potent weed with THC levels of 23.9%. When cultivated correctly, this marijuana strain can yield up to 700 grams of pot per cannabis plant.

When you buy California Dream Feminized cannabis seeds from our seed bank. Each pack of marijuana seeds order contains 10 marijuana seeds and we can immediately ship it to you as soon as your transaction has been completed. You have the option of paying for your ganja seeds order with your credit card, bank transfer or by sending cash through registered mail. We ship cannabis seeds worldwide and have had a 99% success rate in deliveries since 2003.