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After developing a cross between an Australian Boesi, a.k.a. Duck and a delicious tasting and highly potent Azura variety, crossing again with a Jack, a.k.a. Light of Jah, and after four selections produced very powerful 90% sativa strain.

Strain is adapted for indoor and outdoor growing, best for hydroponic cultivation. It grows as tall as 70 to 100 cm. the flowering period is from 10 to 11 weeks with an expected harvest by the end of September. Yield is 400 gm / sq. m. (for indoors). A very large growing and high yield this sativa is perfect for big grow houses. Can also be used for making hash or cooking or baking food.

This Aussie blues seed is a sure winner. The produce has a citrus lemony taste and smell. The high THC level, 15 to 20%, gives a particular mind clearing and uplifting effect, the kind that smokers will definitely enjoy. Marijuana connoisseur will surely love this great choice.
Smoke this weed and experience a cerebral high. Place your order online now.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Time : 10-11weeks
Type :sativa 90% Harvest :end September
Climate :indoor-outdoor Stoned/High : high
Yield :400 grams/plant THC level : 17% - 20%
Height :70 - 110 cm Grow Difficulty : moderate

Aussie Blues Weed Seeds
Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds

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Our online seed bank sells a wide variety of strains of marijuana seeds, including Aussie Blues weed seeds. Aussie Blues pot seeds are a cross between Australian Boesi marijuana seeds and an unknown variety of the Haze marijuana strain. It thrives under indoor conditions but can also grow well outdoors. This variety of weed gives the smoker a heightened sense of happiness that has him giggling for hours.

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