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Type : Auto Flowering Flowering : 6-7 weeks
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned : Natural High
Yield : 25gms/ plant THC level : 10%
Height :30 - 50 cm Grow : Simple

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It is an auto flowering strain that has the ability to flower straight from the seedlings without the change of light cycle.

The flowers eventually will mature in 6 to 7 weeks and harvested on the 8th week without passing the vegetative stage. Ganja Dwarf is the cross between a powerful Indica variety with a Mexican ruderalis, creating a stable marijuana strain.

Ganja Dwarf is highly recommended for use in indoor cultivation because of its small size of less than a meter in height. It is good for a closet size grow room or a simple house plant. You can also grow this plant in a pot outside very easy.

It is very easy to grow, ideal for outdoor growing. The yield is about 25 grams of bod on each female plant. You can expect levels of THC to be about 10%.

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You can buy cheap Lowryder marijuana seeds from us and we can ship a few extra seeds with your order for free. Spend over $100 on seeds and you will get 5 feminized or 10 regular seeds for free. We offer same day delivery so that you can get your marijuana seeds at the soonest possible time and without delay. The Lowryder is one of the best strains for beginners since it is relatively easy to grow. The flowering period is 6 to 7 weeks after germination which means you can get that natural buzz as soon as you have the need for it.

Though we do not offer PayPal, eBay and American Express, you can still pay through bank transfers, credit cards and cash. We can suggest that you buy marijuana seeds through MasterCard and Visa since you can get the fastest transaction ever. What are you waiting for, buy low cost Ganja Dwarf Lowryder today!