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The First Girl cannabis is suitable to be planted in open space. It does not require much cultivation, aside from the fact that this certain type of strain can withstand temperature and pests. It is also recommended for those who wish to grow marijuana plant and yet has no experience in tending it. Planting First Girl, does not need utmost attention, consistent presence or bearable patience. So if you plan to grow weed but does not have any of the following, then this cannabis is great for you.


This indica-sativa mix type of strain can grow between 35-50 centimeters long. Its full flowering cycle is two months or eight weeks. If properly maintained, the First Girl can yield up to 350 grams each plant. This kind of weed can be harvested by the end of September. Its THC of 10% is strong enough to make one get real stoned.

Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 weeks
Type :ndica - sativa mix Harvest : end of September
Climate : Outdoor Stoned/High : indica body buzz
Yield : 350 grams/plant THC level : medium 10%
Height : 35 - 50 cm Growing : First time grow

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