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This is a cross between a California sativa and an indica Super skunk but resulted to a typical indica in physical appearance. It grows not more than a meter in height with short and bushy leaves because of its indica genetics but produces dense compact bud with wonderful high when smoked as pot, due to its sativa makeup.


It is ideal for outdoor growing in the UK and Ireland. They are most adapted to places with cold damp summers. The bud when dried gives an impressive harvest of 475 to 700 grams with a 15% THC content.  Dutch Dope is stable and very predictable making them very easy to grow and delivers large harvest in a short period of time.


Dutch Dope flowers in a period of 8 weeks and if planted in june will be ready for harvest in mid September.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 8 weeks
Type : Indica - sativa mix Harvest :end of September
Grow:in/out greenhouse High : flying high dutchman
Yield :475 grams/plant THC level : 15%
Height :: 70 - 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Easy

Dutch Dope Weed Seeds
Dutch Dope Marijuana Seeds

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Breeders who would love an Indica and Sativa mix can try growing when they buy our cheap Dutch Dope Cannabis Seeds for sale with safe and private delivery. It is a cross breed of the Super Skunk and the California Sativa to give you that 15% THC level high. You will know that the marijuana is almost ready to harvest when the buds are becoming golden and having that sticky and nice aroma.
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