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Citral Seeds

Citral Cannabis Seeds
Type : Mostly Indica
Flowering : 8 weeks
Climate : indoor
Stoned : Happy High
Yield : 425 grams/plant
THC level : strong 15% - 20%
Height : 30 - 50 cm
Grow : Easy

10 Seeds $60.00
20 Seeds $110.00

40 Seeds $200.00


Citral cannabis seed is a crossbreed of a Pakistani variety and the Super Skunk. It has long hard buds. Citral produces a mellow herbal taste also gives a very good yield.

The weed gives a radical large scale of harvest and grows relatively tall before changing the photo period or exposure to the light. The smell from the buds is refreshing just like that of s fabric softener. In spite of its Indica genetics, the pot gives an interesting cerebral high. The ancestry of this strain come from the Hindu Kush mountain areas near the village of Chitral.

The weed is mostly Indica and good for indoor growing.

It yields up to 450 grams of bud on each female plant Harvests in mid September for indoor planting and mid October for outdoors. It has a height of 120 cm. THC content is 15 to 20%.

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How To Buy Seeds For Growing Citral

Buy the Citral weed seed for sale in our seed bank store online. Reviews and evidences are available on the Internet for proofs that our marijuana seeds are of top quality. Since we care for our customers we have provided you an effective cannabis seed that matures in 8 weeks.  If you buy Citral pot seeds from us you will surely have a good harvest of 425 grams of dry buds. Get a tang of that sweet taste and strong smell if you obtain your marijuana weed seeds from our store.

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