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The Charas marijuana plant played an integral role in the culture and ritual of the Hindu religion, especially among the Shaivs. The people who holds Lord Shiva as the Supreme God.
Charas is the name given to hand-made hashish in India and Pakistan. It is made from the extract of this marijuana plant.

The plant was originally a marijuana sativa but over the thousands of years the Charas plant has been cross bred to be a strong, with dark leaves indica weed. Charas seeds give enormous crystallized buds with rather few leaves. Smokers testify a strong dreamlike experience with a feeling of warmth and relaxation, a feeling of often becoming very laid back and relaxed.


It grows to a height of 70 cm.the plant is harvested in the month of October after a flowering period of 9 weeks.


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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 9 weeks
Type : Mostly Indica Harvest : Early October
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned/High : India Weed
Yield : 350 indoor THC level : medium 17 - 19%
Height : 70 cm Growing : Easy-moderate

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