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This strain is so unique and still available in clone only until this date. The origin is still undetermined still confusing and distorted like many other marijuana strains. It was known to have been introduced in 1988 and originated from one unique female from the variety of a Skunk family somewhere in the Chiltern Hills. The product is a weed with impressive large buds but with distinct pungent stinky cheesy odor.


This is how why it was given the name Cheese Cannabis. For many years, this had been passed around by underground seed breeders. Thanks to this strain, years later they came up with the Big Buddha. And many other impressive clones followed.

The cannabis seed grows to a small bushy plant with great yield, 700 grams per plant in the sea of green. Flowering is 8 to 10 weeks and harvests in October. 


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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period : 9 weeks
Type : Mostly Indica Harvest : Early October
Climate : indoor/outdoor High : Indica Indica
Yield : 350 indoor THC level : medium 17 - 19%
Height : 70 cm Grow : Easy-moderate

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Charas Marijuana Seeds

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Our store has Charas weed seeds for sale that can help you achieve the dream like weed experience you desire for. If you order this marijuana pot seeds you can plant them wherever you prefer, it may be inside your house or outside. You can expect a plentiful harvest of 450 grams dried shoots every 9 weeks. Since this variety of cannabis seed produces large amount of crystallized buds then you will gain a high THC content of 17% to 19%.
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