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Cannabis Cup Winner

High Times Cannabis Cup was founded by Steven Hager in 1987. Every November each year, Cannabis Cup Winners are announced. Marijuana strains from around the world have the chance of being tried and judged by the VIP judges who will decide the over-all Cannabis Cup Winner when the competition ends. This event has made the winning strains gain on-the-spot popularity. This event is not just about testing and judging but it’s about music and creativity as well.

Each year new marijuana strains are added because of the innovation of the different marijuana growers and breeders. Amsterdam is the only venue for this event and a lot of tourists and foreigners visit the country just to experience this really big event. If you go to the place, you can observe marijuana displays, free testing, and a lot more. There are a lot of marijuana strains competing with each other vying for the title as the Cannabis Cup Winner of the year. 

The event is usually held during November each year in Amsterdam where Marijuana is legalized. As of these days when the internet is on the hype, announcements of date and schedules for the Cannabis Cup are posted online. You can also see the new Cannabis Winner at the end of the competition just by visiting the internet.
In June 19-20, 2010, the first High Times Medical Cannabis Cup took place in San Francisco, California to honor the American’s quest to the legalization of Marijuana.
It is good to take a look at the different Cannabis Cup Winners which shined over the other marijuana strains all over the world.

1988Skunk #1Cultivator's Choice
1989Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/Haze Seed Bank
1990Northern Lights #5Seed Bank
1991SkunkFree City
1992Haze x Skunk #1Homegrown Fantasy
1993Haze x Northern Lights #5Sensi Seed Bank
1994Jack HererSensi Seed Bank
1995White WidowGreen House
1996White RussianDe Dampkring
1997Peace MakerDe Dampkring
1998Super Silver HazeGreen House
1999Super Silver HazeGreen House
2001Sweet ToothBarney's
2002Morning Glory Barney's
2003Hawaiian SnowGreen House
2004Amnesia HazeBarney's
2005Willie NelsonBarney's
2006Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 Green House
2007G-13 Haze Barney's
2008Super Lemon HazeGreen House
2009Super Lemon HazeGreen House
2010Tangerine DreamBarney's

The strains that you can see in the list are the best in each year. If you are a history fanatic, then this might be a good piece of history for you and if you are a marijuana grower then you might want to grow any or all of the winning strains. You can grow any of the above mentioned cannabis strains and see for yourself why they won the competition. Do you want to try the legend “Skunk #1”? How about the two-time world Cannabis Cup Winner, Super Lemon Haze? How about the new timer the Tangerine Dream? It’s up to you if you pick from the champions and grow them.