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Chosen for its candy orange taste and aroma is the California Skunk cannabis seed. This strain came in the early 80’s. A true inbred is so stable that it can perform in any given condition.


This is one of the easiest varieties to clone and bred and germinates under different conditions. Given a proper handling and attention, the seed produces a heavy crop of superior quality. The bud of the California Skunk seed is characterized by long deep pink and orange coverings. Because of its quality of being easy to grow and having heavy yield, the seed is a must and a wise choice for growers, experienced and beginners alike.


Speaking of the type of smoke this weed gives, it is a hash like orangey taste with an up and energetic high. this is suitable for small space indoor growing because of its size.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Time :9-10 weeks
Type :Indica - sativa mix Harvest :end of october
Climate : indoor Feeling : Sativa buzz
Yield :500 grams/plant THC level :medium 8% - 15%
Height :40 - 55 cm Grow Difficulty :Moderate

Buy Californian Skunk Seeds
Californian Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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Buy your Californian skunk cannabis seeds from us and you can be sure to get it in a cheap cost. Order from us and you are assured that you will get a safe and cheap order of weed seeds. Our marijuana seeds for sale are good for planting either on the outside or inside. With its THC level of 10-15% you are certainly up for a bouncing high. If you buy now then you could taste its sweet orange flavor after 9-10 weeks of waiting.
Our Californian skunk marijuana plants can produce an Indica and Sativa mix that effortlessly create a soothing and stirring weed experience that you will really enjoy. Your pot seeds purchase will be delivered at the same day after the verification of your marijuana order. We are offering you cheap Californian skunk pot seeds because we believe that you deserve more.