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California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

California Dream Feminized Pot Seeds
Type : indica/sativa Flowering : 8 week
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned : cal. breeze
Yield: 500 ind./700 out THC level : 23.9%
Height : 50 - 75 cm Grow : Moderate
10 Seeds $90.00
20 Seeds $160.00

40 Seeds $300.00


California Dream Feminized seed is a mix Indica-Sativa hybrid. It is best grown indoors but can also be used outdoors on places with tropical climates.

California Dream Feminized seed can produce huge buds entirely covered with resins. If given the right growing techniques, the plant will yield to a very satisfying harvest.

The taste of the weeds is minty sweet citrus flavor yet so refreshing.

The high it gives is a creative high, the moment it hits you, your mind will get more creative as if you were dreaming.

Flowering period is 8 weeks and harvested in October, yielding 500 grams per plant and a THC level of over 20%.

Note: This is one of the strongest THC plants that we have for sale. It only comes in feminized seeds so that you are sure you will only get female plants indoors or outdoors. Female pot plants contain bud where male plants have no buds. Always buy feminised seeds if you can afford them.

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California Dream Growing And How To Buy Cheap

California Dream Feminized marijuana seeds are a mix of the Indica and Sativa marijuana strains. Best grown under tropical climates, California Dream Feminized ganja seeds produce ganja plants that have very high yielding power of 700 grams every early October. This marijuana strain has a minty sweet citrus flavor that is refreshing and gives the smoker a creative high.

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