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Bubblelicious Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Bubblelicious Feminized is a marijuana plant coming from two popular country sources of marijuana plants, which are USA and Netherlands. This plant is actually first found and developed in Midwest, USA. But later on, it was sent to Netherlands in the year 1990. This was done because the strain of Bubblelicious Feminized would be further refined as well as developed for better yields. Through its years in the market, Bubblelicious Feminized became known to be from Netherlands. This plant is defined to be a good yielder and it could grow perfectly. It was also defined to be a fast flowering plant since it could flower in about 8 weeks in average or in days, 55 to 65 days.

The taste of Bubblelicious Feminized is exceptional. You would be able to taste sweetness as well as resinous taste. In addition to this taste is the pink bubblegum taste brought by the phenotypes found in the plant. The smell would also be similar with the pink bubblegum taste.

Bubblelicious Feminized is not just perfect in terms of tasting experience but also in terms of medical treatment. This plant could give you an enormous 500 grams per square meter of Sea of Green. It would also be suitable either indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Quantity : 5 pcs Yield :400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : Compact plant Flowering : (55 - 65 days)
Climate : Cool THC Level :High
Type :Feminized Cultivate :In and outdoor
Medical :Yes Strain :Indica

Bubblelicious Feminized Weed Strain
Bubblelicious Feminized
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Bubblelicious Feminized Growing And How To Buy Cheap

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