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With 15 – 20% THC level, Bob Marley Sativa feminized marijuana can give its smoker a body buzz. This Bob Marley Sativa feminized marijuana seeds are genuine sativa variety which is best in outdoor growing because of its amazing height. Bob Marley Sativa has big cola in the center plus amazing buds in its leggy branches which can really give any grower a big “Wow” in their harvests. This plant is strong enough to grow in any circumstance and is always famous with its high potent and sticky resin.


If you are a new person looking to grow weed outdoors and this strain is the one you are considering you should know what feminized seeds are.
Female seeds produce only female plants which are the one of the two types that have the THC or bud. Male plants are only used for polinating the female plant and do not contain buds. The flower is what people smoke or use to make hash.


Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :9-11 week
Type : Sativa Harvest :End of September
Climate : Outdoor Stoned/High :Cerebral Buzz
Yield :400 grams/plant THC level :15% - 20%
Height :70 - 90 cm Grow Difficulty : Moderate

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If you are a commercial marijuana grower, Bob Marley Sativa Feminized marijuana seeds are the right marijuana seed strains for you. Bob Marley Sativa Feminized ganja seeds are best grown outdoors because it needs the space to achieve its maximum height. Bob Marley Sativa Feminized pot plants can yield an average of 400 grams of weed every harvest period which is every end of September.

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