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Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

Big Bud Cannabis Seeds
Type : Ind.-Sat. mix Flowering : 9 weeks
Climate : ind./out. Stoned : high all around
Yield : 600 gms/plt THC level : medium 8%-15%
Height : 40 - 45 cm Grow : Easy

This strain has the reputation of having the highest yield among the cannabis plants.

It was made famous commercially and for a long period of time because of its amazing yield.

With the same space, Big bud yields more than any other strains. The Big Bud in spite of having sturdy and thick branches may bend and snap or break because of the heaviness of the masses of large crystallized buds they produce. That is why essential and promising branches need to be tied for support.

Big bud is best for growing indoors as well as outdoors and greenhouses. You can use hydro or soil with this plant as the flowering is very natural.

Having Skunk as one of the origins, the weed has a quality of a long lasting high.

The plant´s height is 42 to 45 cm. it has a flowering time of 50 to 55 days and harvested on October. The yield is 600 grams with each female plant. THC level is medium.

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How To Buy Seeds For Growing Big Bud

Winning the Cannabis Cup in 1989 for an amazing amount of yield, the Big Bud cannabis plant is one of the most sought after ganja plant among commercial growers. Big Bud cannabis seeds grow to 42 – 45 centimeters in height but produces large amounts of flowering buds that are highly crystallized. This marijuana strain has a THC level of 8% - 15%; that produces a smooth and potent smoke that gives a long lasting high.

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