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Here comes a perfect strain for experienced growers and breeders, The Azura Cannabis Seeds. With a lineage of a 40% Sativa and 60% Indica makes it a very good mixture with a great high. The plant gives a high yield and has an azure color, where it got its name.

The flowers are of shiny crystal buds almost gleam violet in color, a real beauty to behold. It is the tastiest weed ever as shared by most smokers with the tutti fruitti taste and smell. With the potency so great so the high is titillating making I almost perfect for party. It sends your ears ringing and your head spinning with playful visions between shadows and lights.
This strain will grow well under lights or hydro indoors with over 700grams of bud per plant expected.

Azura is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Most experienced growers and breeders pick this strain because of its high yield and potency.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :9-11 weeks
Type : Mostly Indica Harvest :mid September
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned/High :Tutti Frutti High
Yield :700 grams/plant THC level :17% - 22%
Height : 50 - 75 cm Grow Difficulty : moderate

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If you are looking for a pot seed that has a high potency and can yield a high amount of weed, Azura marijuana seeds are the right pot seeds for you. Our online seed bank sells low cost Azura marijuana seeds and many other marijuana seed strains. This pot strain can thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions and can grow to over 70 centimeters in height. It is a mixture of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa resulting to an amazing THC level of 17% to 22%. This weed strain is perfect if you want to get into a party mood.

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best shopping experience when they buy Azura marijuana seeds from our seed bank; which why we will give you an additional of 10 regular or 5 feminized marijuana seeds of a different or the same strain at no extra cost if you spend over $100 on seeds. We do not accept PayPal however, we will be more than happy to accept credit card and cash payments.