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Another cross breed strain which is mostly Blue Haze in genetics is the Aussie Blues cannabis seed. It is mostly Sativa and suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It’s another one of its kind with citrus lemony taste and smell.

After 4 careful selections and continuous cross breeding, starting from the parent Australian Boesi also known as Duck crossed with an Azura strain followed by another cross with the strain Jack also known as Light of Jah, we get the 90% powerful Aussie Blues cannabis seed. This strain is best growing indoors as well as outdoors and you can expect very large buds with crystals on them.
With the high Sativa ancestry and the offspring of high THC level, we get the stone effect which is cerebral uplifting and upbeat effect, more often giggly.

It grows almost a meter high with a flowering period of 10 to 11 weeks. Expected yield is 400 gram per plant and can be used for making hash or cooking with.
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Quantity : 10 seeds Flower Time : 10-11weeks
Type :sativa 90% Harvest :end of September
Climate :inside outside Stoned/High : high
Yield :400 grams/plant THC level : 17% - 20%
Height :70 - 110 cm Grow Difficulty : moderate

Aussie Blues Weed Seeds
Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds

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Our online seed bank sells a wide variety of marijuana seeds, including Aussie Blues marijuana seeds; at cheap prices. We have known to be the number one supplier of marijuana seeds to private weed users worldwide. We are committed to providing the public with high quality pot seeds that are easy to grow and are guaranteed to give the user that best high that his money can buy. Through our solid determination and research, we were able to produce highly germinated Aussie Blues marijuana seeds by crossing the Australian Boesi marijuana strain with an Azura weed strain followed by another cross with a Light of Jah strain.

Aussie Blues marijuana seeds are best grown indoors but can also adapt well to the outside environment. It can produce an average of 400 grams of weed that can be harvested by the end of September. When you order a pack of marijuana seeds from our seed bank, we will give you a few extra seeds absolutely free. If you spend over $100 on seeds (shipping fee not included), then you will get 10 regulars or 5 feminized seeds for free. We accept major credit cards and cash payments sent through registered mail, money transfer, bitcoin, and EMT interac (for Canadians).