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Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Afghan Feminized Pot Seeds
Type : Mostly Indica
Flowering : 8-9 weeks
Climate : indoor/outdoor
Stoned : indica body buzz
Yield : 350 grams/plant
THC level : medium 10 - 15%
Height : 35 - 50 cm
Grow : Easy

10 Seeds $90.00
20 Seeds $160.00

40 Seeds $300.00


The Afghan Feminized marijuana plant is a pure Indica strain. It reaches a height of 35 to 50 centimeters and produces 350 grams of bud on each of the female plants. Its THC content plays around 10% to 15% but when smoked produces a body buzz.

enerally, the Afghan weed plant is a strong plant with a chunky stem system. It can be grown anywhere, indoors and outdoors. It sprouts large round shade leaves that tend to cover the plant. After 8 to 9 weeks, the plant grows large, sticky resin-filled buds.

Female marijuana seeds will grow female plants which contain the bud or flower that is used for smoking and contains the THC. Male plants will not grow when you germinate only female afghan seeds as they have not been feminized. This strain is the best for beginners or for people who would like to grow organic or in small grow room areas like a closet or shed.

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Afghan Feminized Growing And How To Buy Cheap

Growing Afghan feminized marijuana seeds are easy because it can withstand indoor as well as outdoor weather conditions. It grows to about 30 – 50 centimeters and can get quite bushy which is why you can expect an average of 350grams of weed per square meter. Our seed bank sells Afghan feminized pot seeds at cheap prices and you have the option of having it shipped to you overnight.

In addition to making great savings when you buy cannabis seeds from us, we will add in 10 regular or 5 feminized marijuana seeds of a different strain or the same strain if you spend over $100 on seeds (shipping fee excluded) just to show you how much we appreciate your business. If you choose to pay via your credit card, we can assure you that the information that you provide us with will be secured from fraudulent transactions and identity theft. We do not accept coupons however; we can guarantee that you will be getting the best deal for Afghan feminized marijuana seeds when you choose to make your marijuana purchase from our website.